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Get in front of the right audience with the right content

Get your business directly in front of people looking for your services or industry

Have your business exclusively promoted to those people who are actively searching for your businesss, service or product.

Better content marketing for your business

We put together interesting and informative articles about businesses and services, and then upload those articles to mix in with our trending news on our site. As customers are reading about a business, they also can read additional interesting news about topics. The PGA Tour. The latest movies. Elon Musk. Business news. Brad Pitt. Health News. Today's top stories. That's what your customers enjoy reading about online. Inside those articles we also promote our business partners.

Reach more customers for less money

People generally ignore ads. They scroll past them on their news feeds or forget them all together after they flash on their screen - not to mention the impact of 100s of ads trying to compete for attention. But with Trending News Hub your business gets featured in a the form of an article. In addition, your business is the only advertiser inside of our popular articles - giving your business more views - and best of all, you spend less money doing it.

PLUS! We focus on who reads your article

It's more important to reach the right people, versus any reader. With today's audience targeting capabilities, we reach people searching for your product or service. This is key to success in getting more customers.


A more effective reach on social media

We'll put together all the key information about your business or service, including uploading images, photos and graphics. Our designers will make sure the article is put into a great looking article. Then will post that article to this website. In addition, we'll promote your article within 100s of trending articles on our site. With our system your customers will not only read your article, but when they click to read other articles on our site, your business is promoted again and again.

Powerful branding

Our system provides consistency and repetition. Once an article is clicked by your customers they'll see more trending news on that page. The numbers show that they stay on our site and read MORE articles - with your ads inside them. As they do, they'll be seeing your ads, subtly built into the article, over and over again. It's like your own website with fresh news and just your ads!


No direct competitors allowed

Your investment with Trending News Hub means a competitive edge for your business. Our system allows just one type of business, per market, to use our content. We don't need 100s of advertisers to use our content in the same market audience. That would lessen its impact. Your business will be the sole sponsor of our content in your area!


It’s about targeting the right people, with the right message, and over and over. I highly recommend Trending News Hub to create the right impression to social media users.

John Bourjaily


Trending News Hub brings more attention to my practice and my website than other forms of advertising. They use today's headlines to generate 1000s of clicks from my target audience, not only see my ads, but also learn about my practice. It's the best way to generate better attention on social media.

Dr. Jessica Cho


The Trending News Hub platform provides me and my law practice with a consistent branding, marketing and public relations process. Their articles promoted on social media get me 1000s of views from potential clients, as well as views to my website. It's a results driven process that I highly recommend.

Gary Newland

Attorney at Law

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