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How Rich is Dave Ramsey? Gain Insight on Famous Financial Guru

Dave Ramsey, a TV and radio personality, and well-known financial adviser has made a name for himself. His whole radio show revolves around giving sound financial advice to his callers. But with all the wisdom he doles out to his listeners, we’re left to ask, how rich is Dave Ramsey? Was he born rich, or did he work to get to where he is now? Let’s find out.

Dave Ramsey’s Background

Dave Ramsey reportedly didn’t come from a rich background. However, his parents were entrepreneurs, working hard as real estate developers in Tennessee. And because of his parents’ status in life, Ramsey was trained from an early age to be conscious about money.

Unlike other children who were listening to stories or reading simple books, Ramsey had been taught by listening to motivational speakers like Dale Carnegie in his childhood. He was also pushed to earn his own money when he wanted to buy something, instead of simply asking his parents for it.

Ramsey said in his documentary that his first job was to make cards for his own lawn service when he was just 12 years old. This sparked his interest in entrepreneurship. “I was a ned in that I was entrepreneurial and I had my own yard-cutting service and I did all the accounting and I was a detailed person.”

Ramsey carried these values cultivated in him from an early age until adulthood. At 18 he earned his real estate license and followed his parents’ footsteps in selling properties. Then after graduating with a finance degree from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, he was in the business of flipping houses.

how rich is Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey from Instagram @daveramsey

But it wasn’t all peachy for Ramsey. He did lose everything after accruing a debt of about three million dollars from his real estate and flipping business. But he bounced back from that obstacle with the help of friends and regained his footing by applying what he had learned in school.

His philosophies saved him from financial destitution. He now makes money through many outlets. He earns from his radio show, book royalties, video blogging, and online programs.

How Rich is Dave Ramsey?

Through his various money-making pursuits, Dave Ramsey has acquired many assets and lives a fulfilled life with his family. He is happily married to his wife of 41 years. He has multiple homes but his biggest home was in Franklin, Tennessee. He sold it in 2021 for $10.2 million.

Ramsey also has a big car collection. He reportedly has vintage cars like a Jaguar XK150 S, a Jaguar XKE 4.2, a DeSoto Airflow, a Mustang Convertible, a Corvette Stingray, and a Porsche 911 S.

So with all his impressive background and his rise, fall, and now, steady financial gain, we have to ask, how much is Dave Ramsey really worth? Ramsey has been very forthcoming with his finances on his radio show. He is reported to have a net worth of around $200 million because of his different business ventures and online presence. But Ramsey’s ultimate life goal is to help others reach their financial goals as well. He even has a seven-step program for everyone who wants to be a millionaire.