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A Heartbreaking Moment in Reba McEntire’s Musical Journey

For decades, Reba McEntire has been a powerhouse in both the music and television industries, with no plans of slowing down. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Dolly Parton, she once shared her determination to keep the music alive, stating, “What would I do where I could have so much fun?” in a 2022 interview with People. However, there was a time when the thought of stepping away from it all crossed her mind.

In March 2020, tragedy struck as Reba announced the passing of her beloved mother, Jacqueline McEntire, after a battle with cancer. In an emotional Instagram post, she credited God for the timing of her mother’s departure, stating, “The cancer might think it won the battle, but we’re giving God all the credit on selecting the time for her to go home to Him.” The loss deeply affected Reba, leading her to question her future in music.

Recalling a touching conversation with her sister during that difficult time, Reba expressed her uncertainty about continuing her musical career. “I don’t know if I want to sing anymore,” she confided. “Because I always sang for Mama.” The realization that her mother had harbored dreams of singing herself only intensified Reba’s doubts. “Mama was living her dreams through me,” she revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight via Southern Living.

Despite the overwhelming grief and doubts, Reba eventually found solace in her love for music. Recognizing that her passion extended beyond fulfilling her mother’s aspirations, she reaffirmed her commitment to her craft. “I realized I’m still doing it because I love it,” she later shared.

In a touching tribute to her mother, Reba released a heartfelt song dedicated to her memory.

The Melodic Tribute That Touched Reba McEntire’s Mother

A Heartbreaking Moment in Reba McEntire's Musical Journey

In October 2023, Reba McEntire unveiled her album “Not That Fancy,” featuring the poignant single “Seven Minutes in Heaven.” The heartfelt ballad narrates the desire to reunite with a lost loved one in the afterlife, with McEntire crooning, “If I had seven minutes in Heaven, I’d spend them all with you.” The accompanying music video, depicting McEntire interacting with an older woman in a diner, symbolized her late mother. Reflecting on the song’s themes, McEntire shared on “Today,” “For me, that person is my Mama,” emphasizing the universal message of eternal reunion. She hoped fans would find solace in envisioning their own beloved ones awaiting them beyond.

Yet, “Seven Minutes in Heaven” wasn’t the only tribute to McEntire’s mother. In 2019, she released “You Never Gave Up On Me,” originally a gospel track, as a heartfelt homage. Explaining the inspiration behind the song, McEntire expressed to The Boot in May 2019, “Because who besides God has never given up on me? Mama.” Ensuring her mother heard the song in its entirety, McEntire recounted her mother’s emotional reaction. “She cried. She was very appreciative. She loved it,” McEntire reminisced.

Tragically, preceding her mother’s passing, McEntire faced personal turmoil that nearly led her to contemplate retirement.

Reba McEntire lost her bandmates

A Heartbreaking Moment in Reba McEntire's Musical Journey

In 1991, Reba McEntire’s band and crew were in a plane crash and eight of them died. Over twenty years later, the singer talked about how sad it made her feel. She said it was really hard for her, especially thinking about their moms. She even thought about quitting music because of it. But she realized life is precious and believed they were in a better place because of God and her faith.

After the crash, McEntire was really struggling. But acting in a TV movie called “The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw” helped her feel better. Kenny Rogers, who was in charge of the movie, asked her to join, and she felt like it saved her sanity during that tough time.

In March 2021, McEntire posted on Instagram to remember her crew members who died. It was also a year since her mother passed away, and she shared that on social media too